How to end your talk! – Ep.5 – Public Speaking Vlogs

Transcript of Video How to end your talk! – Ep.5 – Public Speaking Vlogs Welcome back to the fifth and final episode of my blog series on ‘How to speak more confidently in public’. Today, we’re gonna talk about the end. Yes, the end of your speech. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: How to structure your talk? – Ep.4 – Public Speaking Vlogs A lot of people try and end a speech with a joke or a startling fact because that’s the recipe that most books give you. I’ve always found that it’s more useful to end a particular speech or a talk with a takeaway of your entire speech for the audience. Who are they? What should the talk mean for them? And what is the sum of the takeaway from that talk for them? Sum it up for them, give it to them in less than ten words or less. And trust me, people will remember your talk after it’s done. And isn’t that always the point? HERE’S WHAT TO WATCH NEXT: How to deal with disturbances during your talk? – Ep.3 – Public Speaking Vlogs